Premier Seller and Supplier of Energy in the Deregulated Energy Industry

Welcome to Power 1 Energy Company

We are one of the first holding companies in the United States to combine ownership of the sales and supply functions of deregulated energy, which has allowed us to become a leader in a this highly fragmented industry. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist clients in reducing and managing their energy costs through exceptional products and services. P1EC enables its customers to save money by negotiating better utility rates through deregulation.

Deregulated energy is a global industry. More than half of the states in the US and many countries around the world have deregulated energy markets. The deregulated energy industry allows consumers to compare competitive energy supply rates and enables consumer to choose from a variety of contract structures in an open market. It also provides increased availability of
renewable energy sources.


Our Subsidiaries

Why Power 1 Energy Company?
Game Changing Customer Service

At P1EC we have the collective skill, education, experience, and desire, to create a top tier customer service plan where the customer knows their supplier, understands the benefits of utilizing their chosen supplier, and maintains an ongoing and interactive relationship that is mutually beneficial.

By utilizing internet marketing and an interactive client portal where customers can manage their account, onboard themselves, review their spend and usage, and find solutions to reduce their power consumption and lower their annual cost,  we believe that we will create a game changing environment for the industry by attracting a better client concerned with managing their consumption and enjoying personal control over their annual power spend.

P1EC is quickly becoming an organization that others seek out as a potential business partner due to our unique approach to the marketplace as a Rainmaker Sales Agency/Power Supplier combination.

By creating a series of affinity programs we will have more customer touches, increased sales revenue, more marketability, and higher contract values than any competitor in the market.  This will create greater “stickiness” by creating visible and genuine relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial. 

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