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About Power 1 Energy Company (P1EC)

Welcome to Power 1 Energy Company (P1EC). We are a premier seller and supplier of energy in the deregulated energy industry. Our mission is to provide consumers with the energy supply plan that best meets their budget and needs – all delivered with easy, friendly service.

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Get to Know Us

P1EC is one of the first companies in the United States to combine ownership of the sales and supply functions of deregulated energy, which has allowed us to become a leader in this highly fragmented industry. We have integrated two highly successful operating businesses – The Power Company USA LLC and ResCom Energy – under the same ownership.

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The Power Company

The Power Company is a world-class sales and marketing rainmaker well known in the deregulated energy space. 

ResCom Energy

ResCom is one of the premier deregulated energy suppliers
in the United States. This unique combination enables ResCom to purchase available power on the grid and sell it directly to residential and commercial users via The Power Company.

Typically, residential clients enjoy the advantage of either stable or lower pricing, and commercial users enjoy the advantage of competitive pricing.

All customers receive superior customer service from a single point of contact. This combinationembodies both the spirit and letter of deregulation in the energy sector.

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P1EC utilizes outsourced service partners for contract scrubbing, end user onboarding, billing and collections in order to control the cost of operations and as a result, operates with some of the most efficient staffing levels in the industry. This allows the company to concentrate internally on customer service and retention. As a company, P1EC creates value by growing a book of business that provides recurring monthly revenue, stable cash flow, healthy earnings, additional cross-selling opportunities, and ever-increasing balance sheet value.

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