October 2021 Investor Letter

Great news! You can now hear our updated investor information by calling us at 312-878-8569 and pressing option 3. Ladies and Gentlemen, September marks the first time in several months where we have added to our residential account base, and we anticipate adding an estimated 200 new accounts to our base of approximately 1100 in […]

August 2021 Investor Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen, My apologies for our silence the last two months.  We have been deeply involved in negotiations and due to the sensitive nature of these talks, felt that it was in everyone’s best interest to control our information flow until we were further down the road.  I know that there are many questions, […]

March 2021 Investor Letter

SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATION MARCH 1, 2021 POWER 1 ENERGY COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS March has been a powerful clean up time across America as we dig out from unprecedented climate surges around the country in February.  From Southern Texas to the New England states, the cold weather and snow caused energy grid failures resulting in days and […]

December 2020 Investor Letter

SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATION DECEMBER 1, 2020 POWER 1 ENERGY COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Power 1 Energy Company continues to make steady and deliberate progress towards our goal of a large private placement or public listing in 2021.  Most recently we have begun  the process of raising capital in a final round pre-IPO financing to support our growth […]

November 2020 Investor Letter

SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATION NOVEMBER 1, 2020 POWER 1 ENERGY COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS It is hard to believe another month has flown by for P1EC staffers as we have our heads down and are working hard on a number of fronts multi-tasking numerous projects; all of which are important to our immediate future. Highlighting some of our […]